The number of people killed in automobile accidents rose to an epic high in 2017.  40,231 were killed / 110 people per day / 3,352 per month.  If 3,352 people died per month in airplane accidents it is likely that no one would fly.  The commercial air industry reported zero deaths in 2017.  So yes it’s 40,000 times safer to get on a commercial flight than it is to drive to work every day.  It’s a staggering number but yet most of us view getting in our car every day to go about our lives as routine and certainly not dangerous.  One of the biggest killers in the U.S. does not receive the respect or attention that driving an automobile deserves.  The CEO of the National Safety Council commented on the number of deaths “this is a stark reminder that our complacency is killing us.”  

Ten years ago the national number annually killed was about 30,000.  The main contributor to the 25% increase in fatalities is distracted driving.  It’s no secret that distracted driving puts you and your family at risk and takes the lives of 10,000 plus each year.  Farmers Insurance® is leading the charge in combating and raising the awareness of this killer epidemic.  The new Signal by Farmers® app is downloadable to your phone and provides ongoing analysis and feedback on your driving patterns.  It is fact that people perform differently when they know they are being monitored.  This application allows parents to track and monitor the young drivers in their household as well.  Not only does the Signal app allow you to track you and family’s driving habits but is also provides a discount to your auto insurance rates.   

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Sharon Avila
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