Business networking can be the perfect opportunity for businesses looking for a new source of sales leads because it establishes a mutually beneficial relationship with potential clients as well as partners. Business networking groups are the key to relationship sales. Being highly skilled at building a good rapport during business meeting groups will deliver the five following benefits:

1. Visibility

A good business relationship stays afloat through consistent meetings with business partners and potential clients. Attending luncheons and networking events will also help raise your profile amongst both your former and current colleagues. This sought visibility keeps you in the mind of people who can offer you vital career help.

2. Boosts Confidence and Morale

Another reason to join a business networking group is to tether yourself around the positivity and optimism that people working in business can resonate with because, if we’re being honest, the early phases of a new business will have downsides which without a morale boost, will be sabotaged. These small business groups can boost your confidence as well if you are not good at socializing.

One business networking group that encourages this is the LeTip International, Inc. This business group accords itself to simulating the ‘feel good factor,’ or in other words, the feeling of greatness in your heart as you help others move towards success.

3. Helps You to Stay in the Current

The market economy is on an ever-changing spree. Being part of small business groups will help you stay ahead of current trends and keep you in check with your target market’s conditions. To stay relevant, you can regularly attend networking gigs and seminars with your business associates and peers.

Such events will give you much needed tips on target marketing and knowing the market helps you create a successful marketing plan.

4. Problem-Solving

Networking not only helps you learn how to make sure your business is successful, but it also offers solutions to problems that will come up in your business if they haven’t already. Within a small business group, you can solve your problems with bookkeeping or accounting by tracking down a person with this skillset.

Such is the benefit of affiliating yourself with LeTip, which is a reliable source of business professionals.

5. Access to New Contacts and Referrals

Small business groups essentially aim at helping you grow your client base. Through such, you can hand out your referrals which if you follow up, can increase your clientele. With these new contacts, you get through introductions and can identify opportunities for new ventures that can serve as areas of expansion for your business.

Brian Brown

BRIAN BROWN - Internet Marketing at Reachlocal


For 12 years now Brian Brown has worked for Reachlocal which is owned by Gannett(USA Today Newspaper). He is a Digital Marketing Consultant out of the Philadelphia Office of Reachlocal. He has a passion for developing unique and cost effective internet marketing programs that grows the revenue for your business. Brian has a high proficiency with internet marketing such as SEM(PPC/Google adwords), SEO, Display, Remarketing, Geo-Fencing, Content Marketing, Reputation Management, Usability, Responsive Web Design and Social Networking.

With Brian's previous work experience he has over 20 years experience and is Google, Yahoo/Bing Certified. He has an extensive history of managing 100’s of highly effective marketing campaigns. Brian’s insights within Google Analytics helps businesses translate data into actionable steps which result in higher sales, more clients and customers.

Brian strives to help and guide companies to maximize their internet marketing budgets effectively. His experience can help ensure that your business website shows up well in search engines, has its best potential to prompt site visitors to contact you while taking advantage of all the free internet advertising that's available.

If you have a website please contact Brian he will evaluate the site and give you his honest opinion on what you can do to generate more business from your website. 


Brian Brown

Digital Marketing Consultant

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Brian literally tripled my practice due to his knowledge and expertise with online marketing. My potential clients find me online with ease now and I am getting a large amount of clicks. I have an online presence now and it did not cost me an outrageous amount of money. Brian even periodically checks my website and google adwords on his own to make sure everything is up to date and running as it should. He is also 99.9% readily available if I ever have any questions or concern. I am so thankful for Brian and ALL that he has done for my business!

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This place is the best in the biz, truly. My contact Brian Brown knows the industry, is always available to answer my calls, has a real sense of what services would be a fit for my clients needs - and as important, genuinely cares about RESULTS. Never did I get a sense of being "pitched". Really feel like this place has the best interests of the client at heart... very rare these days!

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I have been using Brian Brown for many years. He is intelligent, informative and highly responsive. I have referred him to many individuals. I would recommend him to anyone.

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Brian has been so very helpful and his expertise in helping me with my web site was more than I could of ask for. Hes so knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I was having problems doing it myself and without his help it wouldn't have been the top ranking site that it is now. im so grateful to him and all his efforts.

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I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting internet customers to click on my website. I gave the problem to Brian and he fixed everything . Within 2 days I have more traffic and customers than I can handle. Thanks Brian

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I discovered ReachLocal on the Internet in connection to an article about the important of Social Media. I not only rely on them as a company with an excellent product, but as a staff of individuals with an eye and a vision on the future for me and my business goals.

TIP - 94% check reviews before calling a business so get as many Google Reviews as possible this will result in more leads to your business. Also you want to make sure everywhere on the internet you have the correct Business Name, Address and Phone Number. This Blog post will help you to make sure you have accurate listings -